For years, boys high school english in most yeshivas has been poor to non-existent, or even eliminated entirely, because of lack of interest from both the boys themselves and the hanhala. Of course, this effects our boys’ marketability in the job market when it is time to go out and earn a living. Many boys leave high school without learning the basic skills needed to land a job, such as writing, speaking, business math, etc. Rabbi Mordechai Weissmann started The Machon as a teacher in a Baltimore high school to directly address this problem. Because the current system wasn’t working, he didn’t try to fix it. Instead, he eliminated the existing method and built an entirely new method of teaching boys the critical business and life skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Amazingly, the boys actually enjoy their english studies now, and the curriculum is even approved by state boards as a valid high school education. Listen to how this revolutionary program works – and how you can help. Rabbi Weissmann can be reached at Questions, comments, and guest ideas can be submitted on Get an email every time a new show is posted! Sign up form Available on Apple & Google Podcasts & Spotify. Please take a moment to subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Thanks for listening! — Send in a voice message: