Chinuch 2.0 is a podcast on topics of chinuch that I started back in March 2020 at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the world was thrown in upheaval due to the coronavirus, I realized that many of the changes that we saw with regards to how we did chinuch would be profound & long-lasting.

Now, as the world is finally coming out from under the coronavirus shadow, these changes are still very much apparent.

The podcast attempts to explore areas of chinuch from an outsider’s perspective.

Although I myself am not a chinuch professional, and spend the majority of my day working, I feel that its important to have these discussions in a free and open manner. Parents are very important stakeholders in the chinuch system, and they need to be made aware of the issues that affect it.

On the show, we explore all areas relating to our chinuch system. Topics such as: Class size, curriculum, teacher training, tuition, seminary, emotional health, peer pressure, discipline, bullying, etc.

During the period of school closures as a result of the coronavirus, we explored the very charged subjects of remote learning and the best methods of instructions when teachers and students could not be together in-person.

Our show is not affiliated with any particular institution or school and we interview people from all across the spectrum of frum communities.

Feel free to suggest a guest or a topic for an upcoming show. Some of our best guests have come as a result of listener suggestions.

Listen to the show on your favorite podcast player or on the website.

Aaron Parnes is the owner of Razor Clicks, and online marketing agency that provides email management for ecommerce stores. He lives in West Hempstead with his family.