Why are so many of our childrens’ schools experiencing huge teacher turnover?

How can rabbeim and teachers get better control over classroom misbehavior?

Are the principals and school administrators properly supporting their staff so they can do their jobs well?

Sometimes as parents, when we hear what goes on in our children’s classrooms we wonder, “Is this what we pay tuition for?” Schools principals simply cannot handle the massive turnover of teachers, who often arrive without the proper training to handle a classroom.

Teachers also may often feel that they are not being properly supported by the school administration. This leads to classroom misbehavior, not covering the basic curriculum, and teachers quitting or having to be let go.

Naema Tenenbaum has years of classroom experience and has a Masters in Education and Instruction. She has put together a comprehensive development program for teachers on how to effectively manage a classroom and deal with misbehavior. There is also a section for school principals on how to hire teachers properly and give them the support they need to manage their classrooms and be better teachers.

Naema Tenenbaum can be reached at naemauk@gmail.com or by phone at 443-465-3810.

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