Featuring 2 boys menahalim, on how they stay in touch with their Rebbeim, talmidim, and parents when yeshiva buildings are closed and the boys are learning from home.

In response to a previous episode where the issue of the lack of communication between parents and schools was discussed, these principals share their methods of keeping their fingers on the pulse of the class and how to respond when needed. Also, parents share their feedback in an open and free exchange of ideas and information, ensuring complete cooperation between the school and the home – which has replaced the school building during this period of corona closure.

(4:28) With Rabbi Menachem M. Karmel, menahel of Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal on how to connect with parents during this period

(16:03) With Rabbi Shimon Hirsch, menahel of Yeshiva Kochav Yitzchok of Baltimore on the feedback he’s getting from the Rebbeim and boys. Plus how to prepare for Shavuos and make the boys feel special.

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