After getting such positive feedback on our episode about homeschooling, we decided to do another show on the topic, this time focusing on the practical and legal aspects that are involved.

Be forewarned – the intro to the show I get a little controversial.

Homeschooling may sound like a far fetched idea that would never work in our circles.

You might believe that it is misguided, ineffective, harmful, or just plain wrong.

But if there is one thing the past three months have taught us – it is that everything we thought we knew about life was completely wrong.

With Ms. Rachel Johnson of Forest Trail Academy – a virtual private school serving children from K-12 in a fully accredited asynchronous educational program.

With Mrs. Yvonne Bunn, Director of Support & Governmental Affairs for HEAV, the Home Educators Alliance of Virginia.

We often are blinded to what’s happening in the rest of the world because we are so absorbed in our own culture. If there’s anything that these interviews teach us, it’s that there are solutions out there already working, which we can adopt and adapt into our society, with great outcomes.

Also discussed with Yvonne the draconian “substantial equivalency” ruling of NYSED in 2018 that was B”H rescinded last year, which required all schools to provide education that is deemed equal to that of state public schools – which would have forced many yeshivas and day schools to teach secular subjects for many more hours a day then is currently being offered.

We spoke about government overreach into private education and the stance of homeschoolers on this and other matters.