The seder is a time when parents have the ultimate responsibility of chinuch – giving over the mesorah of yiddishkeit by telling the story of yetzias mitzrayim to their children.

However, often times there’s a struggle to do it right. The kids come with overflowing notebooks, and the other people around the table have thoughts to share, which leaves precious little time for the father to do his part.

Ideas and strategies on how to do the seder the way it was meant to be be done.

04:27 With Rabbi Yosef Deutsch, author of Let my Nation Go (Feldheim, 1998) and many other books in the series.

31:06 With Rabbi Sender Haber, Rabbi of B’nai Israel of Norfolk, Virginia (more info on the community here) and author of the best selling The Mosaica Haggadah (available at this link).

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