Mr. Richard Altabe, principal of Hebrew Academy of Long Beach lower school, has been an avid proponent of the use of technology in education, and he shares his views on the subject and how it works.

Here are some of what we covered in this episode:

  • Why technology is so good at reaching every child on their individual level
  • How do teachers like the use of these systems for teaching
  • A demo of their portal that was used when school was closed during coronavirus
  • Isn’t technology dangerous for kids? Some thoughts and practical tips
  • When are kids old enough to own an iPhone?
  • Isn’t it dangerous when you have a school with children from such diverse backgrounds

Mr. Altabe has been at the forefront of chinuch for many years, including 18 years as the General Studies principal at Yeshiva Darchei Torah. He has the wisdom and experience of an old-time principal that is very much in tune with today’s children (and parents).

His passion for his craft is readily apparent throughout the discussion. Even if you don’t agree with him about introducing technology into the classroom, the issues he discusses are real and need to be dealt with, and not ignored.

Watch the demo Mr. Altabe gave of the HALB at Home system:

Halb at Home Short Demo from Aaron Parnes on Vimeo.

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