The first thing children are taught in school is chumash, and for the most part, they never stop learning it.

But are we really teaching it the right way?

Rabbi David Fohrman has spent his whole life devoted to the study of chumash and the proper way to study its deeper meaning.

In this wide-ranging conversation, we spoke about how we give kids the wrong perspective about chumash from the very beginning when we tell them sensational stories about the parsha, such as the extending hand of Pharoh’s daughter when she rescued Moshe from the Nile River in Parshas Shemos.

There is so much depth and meaning in Chumash that can only be realized by a careful study of the text, which is sorely lacking in the way we teach our children.

Rabbi Fohrman has developed a very large following and his lectures, books, articles and videos are available on his website There is an entire teacher curriculum which can be used for classroom instruction. Contact Rabbi Fohrman through his website at

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