Education is often thought of as being anchored to past with not much innovation happening. On this episode we speak with educational veteran Yocheved Belsky who shares with us some of the amazing innovations happening in classrooms around the country.

Yocheved gives us a glimpse into some of the technological advances that are being implemented in the educational space, and why Jewish schools have always been reluctant to give them a try.

Another big question  – How are schools going to open in the fall if social distancing requirements will be in effect?

Yocheved Belsky is Director of Clear Square Group, an educational advisory company with 20 years of experience in the field. Her group can help schools navigate the complex CARES act to utilize allocations towards implementing some of these innovations that are available.

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We also get an update from Refael Alter (previously interviewed on Episode 2) about recent progress made with his program –

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