With Rabbi Moshe Fogel, 4th Grade Rebbe in Yeshiva Ketana of Queens on his unique approach to teaching his talmidim and imbuing them at a young age with a true love for learning

In this far ranging conversation, we cover a lot of topics related to teaching:

  • How to keep boys engaged and involved
  • What to do in a class with weaker and stronger boys
  • Do all the breaks in the learning schedule do any good?
  • Rabbi Fogel’s famous “nachas cards” in the mail and the monumental sefer at the end of the year
  • Teaching on Zoom during the pandemic – the good and the not so good
  • Giving talmidim the tools to teach themselves and becoming a master at it

Do you know of a rebbe or teacher that you consider to be outstanding? Do they do something different in the classroom that you really appreciate? Please let us know who they are so we can share a conversation with them on a future episode.

Rabbi Moshe Fogel can be reached by email at hashemseeseverything@gmail.com.

Questions, comments, and guest ideas can be submitted here.

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