January is seminary season and seminary applications have all been submitted by now, with girls anxiously awaiting their outcome in just a few short weeks.

As a follow up to our Headlines show about seminary in Eretz Yisrael, we wanted to feature someone on the other side of the aisle to explain the positive aspects of the experience.

Rabbi Shimon Kurland is a Chicago native who has been operating Darchei Bina seminary for American girls for 26 years.

Darchei Bina was one of only two seminaries that remained open during corona.

In our conversation, we cover why seminary is important for some girls, who seminary is not a good choice for, what subjects are taught, the goal of the overall experience, and much more.

We also discuss the high cost of seminary and what can be done to make it more affordable.

Rabbi Kurland also shared with us the story of remaining open during COVID and how the girls managed under the trying circumstances.

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