Yeshivat He’Atid is a modern orthodox day school located in Teaneck NJ with a radical approach towards how to charge tuition from parents and spending on education.

Rav Tomer Ronen, the head of school bucked the common belief of schools that to have a good education, a school has to spend more. Instead, Rabbi Ronen founded his school with the attitude of making school affordable while finding innovative ways to offer a great education at a cost that is much lower than comparable schools.

Rav Ronen and the President of Yeshivat He’Atid, Mr. Effie Billauer share their experiences running the school for the past 8 years and the surprising success they’ve encountered. While their approach is very out of the ordinary, other schools should be paying close attention to what they are doing.

Rav Ronen welcomes your questions and he can be reached at

With a full tuition collection rate of 92% and a break-even balance sheet, there’s a lot about this school that others might want to copy.

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